About Protect MA

The COVID-19 pandemic not only impacts the health of Black and Latinx communities in Massachusetts but also their wealth.


Protect MA is our way of safeguarding both. It is an online marketplace dedicated to connecting designers, makers, and manufacturers of non-medical masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) with potential buyers in the business and residential communities.


The ultimate goal is to build wealth in Black and Latinx communities while also ensuring we are keeping our communities safe from further spread of this deadly virus.

How it Works

Protect MA will roll out in 3 phases:​

Supply PPE

Fill out our supplier form to tell us about your products, availability, and more. Your information will be shared with our list of buyers once compiled.



Fill out our buyer form to tell us about your specific needs and any technical support. Once compiled, we will share with you a list of suppliers.


The Partnership

Protect MA is a collaborative effort to match Massachusetts-based designers, makers, and manufacturers that are producing non-medical masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) with companies and individuals who want to purchase them. Our goal is to promote the purchase of local products by local companies from communities impacted hardest by COVID-19.

This is an initiative of the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) -- the Chamber of Commerce for Black businesses in the Commonwealth -- and is done so in collaboration with IncluDe Innovation and the Sofenomenal Agency Group.


Looking to join the cause? Reach out at info@becma.org.

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